The Promotion of Paula Uimonen

Doctor of Philosophy

27 September 2002
City Hall, Stockholm

A pre-promotion glass of champagne to get in a festive mood.
Proud husband, Erik, pours the bubbly enjoyed by Monica, Annica, Aili, Mats, Marie, Paula, and Lotta.

Arriving at the City Hall, all dressed up and ready to enjoy the 2,5 hour ceremony of speeches, cannon shots, music and applause: (left to right) Mats, Lotta, Marie, Aili, Paula, Annica and Monica.
To the left: Paula in front of the Swedish national symbol,
the three crowns of the Stockholm City Hall.

Paula Uimonen, Philosophiae Doctor

Kvinnor kan!!! (women can)
A very proud mother with her equally proud daughter, wearing the doctoral laurel and showing off her diploma (in latin).

The promotional ceremony was followed by a dinner in the Golden Hall (Gyllene Salen). Paula, Aili, Lotta, Monica and Erik were joined by Professor Ulf Hannerz (thesis supervisor, seated next to Lotta) and his wife, Docent Helena Wulff Hannerz (seated next to Erik).

The superb food was accompanied by speeches, toasts to the university and singing by a male choir. We patiently enjoyed the three hour festivities.

Professor Ulf Hannerz, Dr Paula Uimonen
and Docent Helena Wulff Hannerz

Dr Paula Uimonen Vought and Mr. Erik Vought
Lotta, Paula and Monica having one last drink before making a midnight exit.

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